One-of-a-kind 3D audio tour.

Virtual reality for the ears.


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Hi, my name is...

[scratches] Tomaž Pritekelj. I get a kick out of creative audio production.


I am an enthusiastic sound designer/engineer with strong experience in sound design, 3D/spatial audio design, radio/podcast and music production, who loves to create ear-catching audio. My objective is to provide superlative detail-oriented audio services in a collaborative, creative, and driven environment.

I bumped into audio production in my early teenage years when I started producing hip-hop beats for me and my friends' rap crew. While getting to know the basics of audio recording and editing, I was amazed by the ability of manipulating sound. I’ve become hooked, extremely curious, and hungry for more.

After producing my first radio commercial for friends, serendipity led me to a job at the local radio station’s studio where I gained priceless professional experience and business insights along a great and instructional team. Following my ambition I moved to the UK, where I’ve been working for a global media company. Throughout years of professional work, I’ve always been working on creative audio projects as a hobby, but there’s more...