Explore Edinburgh with your Ears at This Year’s Festival Fringe

All Things Creative Audio presents

A Ghost’s Tale

Debuting at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, A Ghost’s Tale will tap into your eardrums and submerge you into the rich history of Edinburgh. Using 3D audio technology, this will be a tour like never before.


Each patron will receive a headset, and together the group shall dip through the alleyways, listening to tales of Edinburgh’s gravediggers, witches and sinister deeds - but with a sonic twist. Using binaural audio technology, the listener shall be immersed into the narrative, plugged into the past. Binaural audio lends the listener a sense of realism incomparable to stereo sound - it is, if you like, virtual reality for the ears. The sound translates through the headphones as though in real life, giving the unique illusion of sensory and spatial deception. 


The one-of-a-kind audio experience is the brainchild of sound designer Tomaž Pritekelj, who found himself growing tired of audio-nary tours. Alongside Francois Olivo, scriptwriter and story sourcer, Pritekelj has built the project from scratch; developing a complex soundtrack, designed and produced with software processors and specialized binaural microphone technology. The equipment required to record in such minute detail is hard to source- but Liverpool-based, Studiocare stands at the forefront of spatial audio gear hire, and they’ve got the best on the market. The binaural mic, Neumann KU 100, captures audio with such accuracy that Pritekelj can only describe it as a“sensation of sound” - coming through the headphones from above, below, behind and in front, “it’s the kind of mixed reality experience that cannot be achieved with usual stereo recording”. They teamed up with Sennheiser to bring the best audio experience using Sennheiser's most significant closed, around-the-ear headphones that boast natural sound reproduction and aggressive noise reduction.


The narrative of the walking tour revives the rich tapestry of Edinburgh’s past, dramatized by a cast of Scottish voice actors. To develop the script, Olivo delved into the historical folklore of Edinburgh. “It’s surprising how romanticized Edinburgh’s history is when we look at how run-down life was. We’re talking about poverty, ostracization, mistreatment, women being burned.” It’s dark, but it’s this history that drew authors, poets and painters like moths to Edinburgh’s flame. Olivo lends a fresh take on these scriptures and told through the unique medium of 3D sound, it’s certain to leave your hair standing on end.


Though this may be their most ambitious project yet, All Things Creative Audio has always pushed the limits of sound design. Hits from the Woods is a sample pack built entirely from soundbites collected from the woodland, bringing Scotland’s soundscape to drumkits across the globe. The snapping of twigs and hollow tree stumps are at the mercy of music producers craving an organic touch to their tunes.  For Tomaž Pritekelj, sound engineer/designer by day, and amateur music producer by night, no challenge is too far out of earshot, (not even weather sensitive binaural microphones in the Lothians). And if you have to hear it to believe it, then by all means, come to have a listen!



‘What a unique way to learn about Edinburgh. A sonic sensation!’ Maud Start, Jagazeen.





Written by Francois Olivo

Sound recording, post-production and sound design by Tomaž Pritekelj

Produced by Francois Olivo and Tomaž Pritekelj

Voice performances directed by Francois Olivo and Tomaž Pritekelj

Artwork: Sara Sešlar Naraks




Narrator: Fergus Head

Young soldier, Angus, Thomas Weir: Rory Rorison

Grizel, Cook, Annie’s Mother: Hem Cleveland

Young Shaw, Gravedigger 1, Tom, Annie’s Father: Jesse Hurtado

Gravedigger 2: Dan Rowell

Annie: Leoni McLay

Hetty: Lola Aluko

Veteran soldier: Peter Wallace


With special thanks to Finlay Neill for children’s voices; Maud Start for Ellie’s Voice and press release; Luke Reynard, Guy Perring, Mark Cheriton, John Willshire, Sam Ferris and Xavier Fidis for crowd’s voices; Hilly Cow Wigwams for letting us record their animals; The Georgian House (National Trust for Scotland) and The Scottish Wildlife Trust for letting us use their space.


And a thank you to our valued sponsors Sennheiser and Studiocare Professional Audio Ltd.

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Using binaural audio technology, the listener shall be immersed into the narrative, plugged into the past. Binaural audio lends the listener a sense of realism incomparable to the finest cinematic surround sound - a virtual reality for the ears.

Venue: Outside Johnston Terrace Nature Reserve (by the red telephone boxes) - Venue 365


Dates: 30 Jul - 2 Sep 2018 


Time: 21:30 (1h)


Fringe Box Office: +44 (0) 131 226 0000


Our 3D audio production
is featured in the Invisible Spaces exhibition
at Summerhall in Edinburgh.
Sat 10 Nov 2018 - Fri 21 Dec 2018
11:00-18:00 (Tuesday-Sunday)