A Ghost’s Tale

“So, forget the present, where life is conceived and walks into the light; we go into its eternal shadow that looms forever behind.”

A tour like no other. Virtual reality for the ears. 3D audio to summon the bustling crowd, hear the dead as though they spoke before you or listen to the creeping and slicing as if death were inches away. Enter if you dare! You have come to the beginning of your journey and you are only a click away.

Before you wind an Edinburgh full of grim tales and bloody work. Ghosts lurk in every corner and you can hear, out of the very bones of the old city, the peasant and town dweller going about their daily lives.

You need only put on headphones – CLICK HERE TO STREAM – and follow the voice of the narrator as he guides you through the many wynds and closes of Edinburgh’s dark and sinister past. Yet if this is too scary, you can sit back in the safety of your home and hope that the ghosts do not break from their reeky jail and find you!

There is a map below to aid you in directions. Or for those who have locked the doors, sealed the windows and hid under the bed, picture the route. The link to the audio file will give you an option to play from many platforms such as Apple, Spotify, Amazon and many more. 

So, linger no more, the ghosts of Edinburgh await those who are brave enough to tread the cobbled streets of this dreich house.

The Map.png