Tomaž Pritekelj

All things creative audio.

Hi, my name is…

It was a nice sunny day on a basketball court back in my old neighbourhood in Slovenia; I was in my mid teens, when my dear friend Luka lent me his copy of Hip Hop eJay - a very easy to use music software. At the time, I didn’t even imagine how that moment would change my life completely. I remember being so excited about the ability of easily putting various instrument loops together to create a track. Soon after that he invited me to join him and rap on top of the beats we created. Since I grew up listening to rap, I didn’t think for a second that I wouldn’t try MC'ing. And so it began…

We formed a rap duo, collaborating with MCs from around the country, and eventually joined a local hip hop crew. I loved writing rhymes and dancing with words in a recording booth and on stage, but there was something more for me behind the scene - the creative process of producing music. I was surrounded by youngsters hungry for beats, and with a need for someone to record and mix. This was my opportunity to become a practitioner, which I grabbed with all of my desire. I learnt how to use different professional digital audio workstations and hardware, and as soon as I discovered audio effects, I was hooked. Reverb was the one that emotionally moved me, I was like ‘That’s crazy - I can hear a space! I can create my very own imaginary environment!’ I wanted to know more, and more... At one point I thought I knew quite a lot about audio processing when realising that I know nothing - a regular cycle of me being grounded in a constant hunt for knowledge.

''I learnt how to use different professional digital audio workstations and hardware, and as soon as I discovered audio effects, I was hooked.''



I started reading books about it (Owsinski’s The Mixing Engineer's Handbook, was one of the first most influential books I read), articles, forum posts, and following talk shows and podcasts about audio. I’ve realised that learning about audio production and various new techniques is a never-ending process, which makes it even more exciting. I started talking about it, learning about it, and even thinking about it. Which sounds a lot like love, doesn’t it?


I had always done everything for free because I just enjoyed an opportunity and the whole process of working with different people on various audio projects. When my friends asked me to do a radio commercial for a festival they were organising, I was pumped to do it. That radio commercial eventually triggered a serendipity which led to me getting my first job in audio production studio at the local radio station, when I was working as a radio imaging and audio producer. My previously gained knowledge about audio editing and mixing, as well as my love for creativity, came in very handy. I was also very fortunate to have a great team, and amazing mentors by my side - the music editor and the editor in chief, who weren’t just guiding me from the beginning, but also gave me lots of opportunities to grow and prove myself on higher levels every time. I got to know more about producing radio commercials, radio imaging elements, and directing voice-over talents - I've loved it ever since. After five years, it was time to further pursue my ambition.

''I was very fortunate to have amazing mentors by my side, who weren’t just guiding me, but also gave me lots of opportunities to grow and prove myself on higher levels every time.''


I scraped together every cent I had and hustled my way to London - the biggest adventure I’ve had. I will never forget the moment bus dropped me at the Liverpool street station on Monday morning. I had no job or a permanent place to stay, but I knew London is a kind of city that would spit me out if I wouldn’t have gotten moving ASAP. All I had was a very tight budget, an option to sleep on a couch at friend’s friend’s friends’ for three days, a big suitcase, and an even bigger dream. I found a room and a job to keep me going in three days. When talking to people, it seemed I’m the only one who loved living in London; even after few months of being broke, tired from work, and softening my initial excitement. I just love London - the cocktail of diverse people, so many reachable opportunities, sense of belonging to something so creative and influential, talking to most random strangers, its openness, and constant exploring. After long and hard shifts in a coffee shop, I kept writing and mixing my music, and looking for my place in the industry. Soon I got an offer to work in audio production for a global media company in Edinburgh. I followed my passion and joined the UK market as a professional in the industry I strive to be a part of.


Many great stories happened along the way and I am really excited to see what the future holds :)


I decided to set up this page to share my experience, discoveries, techniques, projects and much more along the way of creating and experimenting with sound. I want to log my progress while discovering creative audio by trial and error. Hopefully raise my opportunities to collaborate, meet, and engage with all of you who are also passionate about audio production, sound design, spatial sound, and everything in between.


I want to keep it very simple and informal. Relaxed and creative, but geeky and educational.